Grow Your Network

To create your reliable personal networkidentifying the right people and creating a proper list is already some work to do. If you do it properly your list can grow by one person every one or two weeks. Let’s assume you met many people. Your people list is filled with entries. What now? How to grow your network?

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Identify People You Enjoy Being With

This is Step number 1 to create your personal network. It is to identify people you enjoy being with.

I will not describe how you connect yourself to everybody to meet. Because I think the only way to build a long-term reliable network is to create it with people you like.

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3 Steps To Create Your First Personal Network

People tell me often that I have a big network. People ask me how I keep this network alive. They ask me how I keep up and grow all these connections. Below I describe my way. I describe 3 simple steps to create your first personal network.

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3 Advices From Steve Jobs

Some time ago I found a great video on You Tube with 3 great inspiring advices from Steve Jobs. The video shows Steve Jobs holding a speech at Stanford University, in front of a graduate class. It is only 15 minutes long.

It gave me some very interesting thoughts. I noted them down for me and would like to share them with you.

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