My 9 take aways from the book Work Rules from Laszlo Bock

Part of my new morning routine is to read. In fact it was one of the main reasons to establish it in a new way for me 3 months ago.

It created the first results already. One of them is that I finished the book “Work Rules” from Laszlo Bock. And here you can find my 9 take aways that you can use when you are new in a management role or for your personal development.

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Karrieretipp von Bruce Springsteen

Gerade gelesen in einem Artikel der SĂĽddeutschen Zeitung ĂĽber den erfolgreichen TV-Serienautor Chuck Lorre (u.a. Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory): Einen, wie ich finde, super Karrieretipp von Bruce Springsteen.

Betrachte das was du tust, als die wichtigste Sache der Welt. Sei dir aber bewusst, dass es andere nicht fĂĽr die wichtigste Sache der Welt halten.

Findet diese eine Sache fĂĽr euch heraus. Findet die fĂĽr euch wichtigsten Dinge in eurem Leben.

Findet die Dinge die Antworten auf eure Fragen liefern.

Und egal wir unwichtig andere die Dinge finden die ihr fĂĽr die wichtigsten Dinge der Welt haltet, setzt sie mit einer Ernsthaftigkeit um, mit der ihr zufrieden seid.

Mit einer Ernsthaftigkeit die ein Ergebnis hervorbringt auf das ihr stolz seid!

My step by step guide to set your life goals – Part 3

Life Goal Achievement Rituals

That’s the hard part.

That’s where most people struggle.

The one and only way to achieve something is to constantly focus on it. The only way to get your actions done and achieve your goals is to constantly pursue them.

The best way to do that is to create your own rituals.

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My step by step guide to set your life goals – Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of “My step by step guide to set your life goals”. It is part of little series I created around setting life goals. In case you’ve missed part 1, have a look here.

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My step by step guide to set your life goals – Part 1

The most important benefit of setting goals isn’t achieving your goal; it’s what you do and the person you become in order to achieve your goal. That’s the real benefit.

Jim Rohn

By setting your goals you design your life instead of just living it.
With goals set you get your mind focused. You are able to fade out all the noise and distraction around you and get straight to where you want to get. You can become what you want to become.

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Blog Update

I’ve just added a new quote widget which will be updated regularly with a new inspiring quote.

You can find it on top of the categories menu on the right (PC users) or at the very bottom of the blog (Smartphone users).
May it trigger some thoughts or inspire you!

I also updated the “Resources” page. You can now see the book covers of the book I recommend. And I added purchasing links (affiliate links – see DISCLAIMER).

Take care.


The one thing that counts in life.

Recently, I held several seminars in front of people that are new at work, aged 19-24. We were talking about relationships and networking. I recommended that they should be with people they really like and that give them energy.

A 75 year old Harvard Study reveals why that is the best way to live a happy life.

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Grow Your Network

To create your reliable personal network, identifying the right people and creating a proper list is already some work to do. If you do it properly your list can grow by one person every one or two weeks. Let’s assume you met many people. Your people list is filled with entries. What now? How to grow your network?

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Identify People You Enjoy Being With

This is Step number 1 to create your personal network. It is to identify people you enjoy being with.

I will not describe how you connect yourself to everybody to meet. Because I think the only way to build a long-term reliable network is to create it with people you like.

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3 Steps To Create Your First Personal Network

People tell me often that I have a big network. People ask me how I keep this network alive. They ask me how I keep up and grow all these connections. Below I describe my way. I describe 3 simple steps to create your first personal network.

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3 Advices From Steve Jobs

Some time ago I found a great video on You Tube with 3 great inspiring advices from Steve Jobs. The video shows Steve Jobs holding a speech at Stanford University, in front of a graduate class. It is only 15 minutes long.

It gave me some very interesting thoughts. I noted them down for me and would like to share them with you.

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The Monkeys On Your Back

If you are in your first leadership role you will be confronted with the situation that your team needs information and decision from you. That’s normal life of a leader.

But, these things will cost you a lot of time.

These things will get so many that you are not able to do the things you actually need to do as a leader.

This post describes how you can manage.

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10 Tips From Successful Leaders To Newcomers

Today I’m gonna present you the 10 tips from successful leaders to newcomers.

I am a Mentor for dual students (special education program in Germany). Recently, I interviewed a couple of Senior Managers. Every one of them leads big departments. They all started from where you are today, as a newcomer.

I asked them: „What is your No. 1 advice to my mentees for personal and professional success?”

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3 easy rules for smart and effective presentations

Do you know this kind of presentations:

Where you really cannot read anything because it’s so much text and way too small?

Where you fall asleep or lose concentration because it’s so boring or wired?

Where you feel like the presenter is reading a book out loud?

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Successful milestone meetings

One main reason why Milestone meetings (and other decision meetings) take longer than planned or even fail is from my experience that they become working meetings to explain the Steering Committee / Decision makers the complete project.

With this they are no longer pure decision meetings. Read below how to solve this in your first decision making meeting. Continue reading “Successful milestone meetings”

Prepare decision proposals – How to prepare fast decision making

Imagine the situation, which I have had quite often today and in the past, you sit in a meeting and need a decision about a topic from the people around the table.
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Pilot & Publish – How to launch complex operations successfully

Some time ago I had to introduce a complex new solution to allot of people. This new solution changed their way of working in many ways. When it comes to this kind of changes it’s never easy because people need to change behavior. Continue reading “Pilot & Publish – How to launch complex operations successfully”

From paper to reality

During a strategy discussion of our department we were all placing our wishes for nice interesting projects and for more resources. The discussion drifted away a bit in the direction of everybody-gets-what-wants, until my boss said: “Guys, I see the points in your requests, most of them also fit into the strategy, but: to make it happen from paper to reality, we need budget. That what’s it all about.” Continue reading “From paper to reality”

Make yourself replaceable

When I worked for a automotive supplier, I participated in an “Welcome New Employees Event”. There were different speeches, one held from the Head of HR. During his speech he was asked what he would recommend in order to go up in the companies hierarchy. He said: “Make yourself replaceable.” Continue reading “Make yourself replaceable”