3 Steps To Create Your First Personal Network

People tell me often that I have a big network. People ask me how I keep this network alive. They ask me how I keep up and grow all these connections. Below I describe my way. I describe 3 simple steps to create your first personal network.

The No 1 tip for personal and professional success from the Leaders I interviewed is: “Network”.

Creating your own personal network is crucial for your success. If you have a reliable network within the company, many things will be easier to achieve. The same applies for your private network of course.

In this series I will describe how you can create your first personal network when you are new at work. I will tell you how I build my network in a structured way. Step by Step.

Step 1: Identify people you enjoy being with

Step 2: Create A Unique Contact List

Step 3: Grow your Network

I hope you enjoy reading it. I’m sure it will help you to create your personal network step by step.

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