The Mindful Efficiency Masterclass

Learn to make the time for working on your dreams. And staying happy while you do so.

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Have you ever thought this?

"If I would just have more time, then I would start working on my dream."

You have this idea or dream, that you would like to realize, but you don't find the time for it?

Your to-do-list is so long, that you cannot find any space for working on your goal or dream?

You're coming back from work and there's no energy and time left to work on your goals?

Many of the people I mentored and coached, including myself, have constant issues of finding the time to work on their dreams.

Our busy schedules make it hard to find the time to work on our dreams.

Therefore, I launch the Efficiency Masterclass. To help you MAKE the time and work efficiently.

For whom?

What will you get from it?

MINDSET - You will learn about the mindset that you can adopt, to be productive, efficient and to make the time you need to work on your goal.

TOOL - You will learn a concrete tool to find time in your day, minutes or even hours. We will apply this tool/exercise during the masterclass.

STRATEGIES - You will learn five strategies to increase your focus and productivity. You will learn techniques to be focused, to be productive and efficient. Applicable to your individual situation.

COMMUNITY - You will meet like-minded people to exchange and help - Why doing all this alone?

WORKSHEET - You get "The Efficiency Masterclass Worksheet" with the exercise we did, including description. So that you can repeat it later.

You also get as FREE bonuses:
BONUS #1 - As a bonus you get my Productivity & Efficiency Guide. This guide contains the complete collection of all tips and strategies I shared over the past weeks and months. It provides you with tips and tricks for more productivity, focus and efficiency. Which will ultimately give you better results.

BONUS #2 - You get 1year Goal Accountability Club Membership for free. This is a group of people meeting monthly, passionate to achieve their goals, helping, pushing and encouraging each other to go for their ideas and dreams.

How does it work?

How we do this masterclass:
- 100min. Efficiency Masterclass interactive live workshop
- You'll learn the tools, and we take time to discuss some of your individual cases
- Virtually, in the comfort of your home
- Language: English and German (see dates below)


Workshop language English:
Tuesday, 27th of October 2020, 8:30pm (CEST/Berlin, Germany time)

Workshop language German:
Wednesday, 28th of October 2020, 8:30pm (CEST/Berlin, Germany time)

About me

I’m Peter. Passionate about making the most out of my time and to especially make the time for what matters to me, brings me joy and helps to achieve my goals.

This masterclass is the first of its kind, but see here feedbacks from my other workshops and programs.

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Register today for The Efficiency Masterclass

"The Efficiency Masterclass"




100% risk free money-back guarantee

This is the first time I run this format - not the first time I teach those tools though. So I'm looking for participants who want to test this. If you are not satisfied with what you have learned, there's a 60 day money-back guarantee, with no questions asked.

That means: you've got no risk.

I do this to share what I've learned and to improve. It needs to provide value to you, if it doesn't, I don't want any money for it!

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Any questions?

The Goal Accountability Club is a group of people passionate to achieve their goals, helping, pushing and encouraging each other to go for your ideas and dreams.

We meet every month in a video conference, exclusively for participants of my coachings. In every meeting I share a new tip, tactic or strategy that helps all of us to get closer to our goals. After, participants share their successes and struggles and we help each other solve those.

Yes, 100%! The tool and strategies I give you work for everyone. They have been proven to work for thousands of people. They work for me. They will work for you. Though, you need to apply them. Learning without application will not be enough 😉

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