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From paper to reality

During a strategy discussion of our department we were all placing our wishes for nice interesting projects and for more resources. The discussion drifted away a bit in the direction of everybody-gets-what-wants, until my boss said: “Guys, I see the points in your requests, most of them also fit into the strategy, but: to make it happen from paper to reality, we need budget. That what’s it all about.”“Therefore you need to provide me with profound description of the added value of your deliverables. Convince me and I will try my best to convince my boss to get you the money you need.”

Eventually I got all the money I needed, even more. How? I was able to show the benefit for our department. I was able to show that, if I get the requested budget, I could delivery added value (a solution and dedicated services) for two strategic costumers of my boss’s boss. In addition I would be able to deliver something to my direct boss that he could not deliver so far. With my deliverables I addressed my boss, who was then more motivated and I addressed his boss, who saw that two of his strategic customers get deliveries. With that he could make his management happy.

Moreover, I was able to combine that with my personal interests. (name specific projects)

Keep in mind:

1st be able to show the added value to the important parties around you. Know their interests and needs, also from the level above and try to satisfy them. (at least a bit)

2nd be able to put a price tag to your deliverables. To do that calculate the Man hours it will need from your point of view to finish a certain work package. Know the average hourly rate that is used to calculate in your department. If you don’t know the exact workload in hours, make assumptions, ask other project managers for their calculations, look to past projects, make a best-guess.

You have an indiviual situation and want to know how to apply the concept above to it?
You have your own experience?
You miss something in the text?

Please let me know your opinion in the comments below. I’m happy to get back to you.

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