Progress Report

While reading success stories from people that build successful online or coaching business I always ask myself: How did they do it from the very beginning? What were their very first steps on their way? In my progress report, I’ll document the single steps I did and do.

No one was successful and rich from the first day. James Altucher said on his famous 20 Habits of Eventual Millionaires: “Don’t be in a rush – Every overnight success I’ve spoken to, took 10 – 20 years to get there. But only if they celebrated small successes along the way.

On this page, I’m going to share my little successes (and failures) along the way and the development steps I go through. Every step noted here helps me to form everything I do under the theme “New at work” into a successful program, maybe even generating an online business income one day.

03.11.2018 – My first seminars at a University

  • I did my first seminar at a University. Yes! 🙂 It was a great success. 15 attendees. 2nd Seminar comes in two weeks from now. It already has a waiting list. It’s called “Ready for Corporate Life” and gives a toolkit to deal with your first days, weeks and months in your first job after gradation (and a littel bit more). Feedbacks from the first Seminar:
    “The best seminar I’ve participated!”
    “Everything was very well prepared.”
    “Great seminar.”
    “Very well structured and great content.”
    “Good exercises during the seminar.”

28.06.2018 – Back to the roots

  • The language thing: I’ve asked my readers what they’d prefer. It turned out that all of them don’t mind if the language is English or German. Actually, they read nearly everything about Goal Setting, Personal Development, Personal Growth etc. in English anyway. In addition, it is somehow easier for me to write in English. Don’t know why. So, to make the long story short: Blog language switched back to the roots, to English.
  • Coaching: I just had a great Coaching Training based on the G.R.O.W. method and about Limiting Beliefs. Based on experience and the past Coaching I gathered some knowledge. But this training really connected the dots for me.
  • Coachees: 5 coachings currently ongoing, topic: Life Goal Setting. The main challenge for the Coachees: define the right actions to get started or to overcome blocking points. Together we’ve made really good progress to find the right things to start with. So great to see the Coachees develop and succeed.
  • Seminar: Big success 🙂 I’m so grateful. My application was a success. My seminar “Ready for corporate life” is offered at the University. In September.
  • Social Media: through my activities in the T-Shirt Business I’ve learned allot about Social Media. Instagram account created. Facebook page updated. Twitter account updated. I even tried Pinterest. Switched from Hootsuite to Buffer to manage Social Media.
  • Meditation & Mindfulness: I’ve tried allot mindfulness exercises recently. It helps me to relax or concentrate to increase performance. I use two apps for that.
  • Personal: overcame quite some struggles in terms of personal goals. Two job offers (more responsibility, more money, personal development, next career step) made me think a lot about what I want, what a human needs to be happy and what might work for my work-life balance. Conclusion: declined both offers as both would mean less quality time for me, less freedom, more stress and both move me away from my goal to step into people development (currently I’m in Project Management). Right decision? Will know in 5 years 😉


  • 1. Life Goal Coaching abgeschlossen, Coachee letzte Woche wieder getroffen, sie verfolgt ihre Ziele konstant und mit Erfolg weiter, Feedback:

    The sessions with Peter about my personal and professional goals have helped me to identify my goals as well as how to reach them. I have become less nervous about the future and what I want to do in life. Now I can focus on my short termed goals, while having my long term goals in the back of my mind. Speaking with someone who guides you helped me a lot as a young professional. Peter first explained to me his methods for finding your own goals, followed by separate individual sessions where we focused on certain topics like my job goals and health goals. During the sessions, I put the methods into practice. Peter helped me with tips how to achieve my goals and also telling me what worked for him and his experiences. This exchange is very valuable to me and fun as well. Peter is a good listener and I always look forward to the meetings with him. Learning from other experiences and the ability to afterwards apply their best practices tailored to your own goals gave me confidence and motivation.

  • Newatwork Facebook Seite angelegt
  • Sporadisch veröffentliche ich Sprüche oder Gedanken die mich inspirieren auf Twitter und auf meiner Facebookseite (mit Hilfe von Hootsuite)
  • die letzten 2 Monate an der Berwerbung als Dozent an einer Hochschule gearbeitet, dort möchte ich ein 1-Tagesseminar mit dem Titel “Ready for Corporate Life” anbieten (Themen: Leadership, Networking, Goal Setting, Personal Finances)
  • Meine Life Goals Review gemacht und präzisiert
  • Tägliches Morning Ritual für mich erstellt, das lebe ich jetzt jeden Tag und es verändert tatsächlich eine ganze Menge
  • Meine Finanzen gründlich sortiert (u.a. Übersicht aller Konten, Depots, Sparbücher erstellt, monatliches Finanz Review Sheet erstellt)
  • Sämtliche Dokumente (Banken, Versicherungen, Steuern, Auto…) geordnet; nervig aber die Grundlage für Erfolg)
  • (sehr guten) Steuerberater engagiert
  • “Tony Robbins: Money – Master the Game” angefangen zu lesen
  • Geplant für die nächste Zeit: Hochschulkurs halten, ETF Depots anlegen, nach kleinen Wohnungen zum Kauf ausschau halten, Blog-Artikel zum Thema “Personal Finance”


Ney Year! New things! 🙂

I decided to change to Blog language to German, my mother tongue. It’s much easier to read and understand for my readers as the vast majority is from Germany.

To write in a foreign language is a tricky thing, too, as you can never be sure to transport all messages successfully that you want to bring to your readers attention.

In an article about how to expand business to China the interviewed consultant stated rightfully:”Take care abput your domestic market first. Be successfull in it first, before you expand ypur business across borders.”

I tried to reach a broader audience with English. But it turned out that it’s not the right time for it (yet 😉 ).

Aktueller Stand meines Hobbies, das langsam aber dafür stetig, wächst:

  • 2 weitere Leadership & Personal Developmentkurse gegeben
  • 4 Coaching Clients zum Thema Life Goals
  • Twitter Account nicht wirklich genutzt bisher
  • Weiterarbeit an meinen eigenen Zielen, allerdings die Monthly Goal Reviews in letzter Zeit etwas vernachlässigt -> muss sich wieder ändern!

Auf ins neue Jahr! 🙂


Created a Twitter (NewAtWork)
and Instagram Account to attrach more traffic to the site. It increased the number of visitors by approx. 30%. Let’s see if this lasts.

In addition shared the Step by step guide to set life goals on linkedin. The sharing was clicked more than 400 clicks in less than a day. Yes! 🙂


Had another glimpse into Stefan’s page to see where he currently is. His site gave me great advice already last year about how to create a blog, videos and ebooks and how to create a successful online business.


Had my first 1:1 coaching session with my first coaching client about goal setting, great walk&talk session about how it works


Did my own personal massive goal setting session, wrote 31 pages about who I am today, who I want to be in the future, what is realistic and what I have to do achieve my goals with success.

Created a blog article about my method.

13 .04.2017

Checked on Wealth Affiliate how many followers I have and if somebody writes something to me.

Defining a process to set my personal life goals. Reading various notes, some of them written down a year go.

Removed “Technical” from the headline of this post, because “Technical” sounded to much like maintenance work or that something went wrong.


Another live seminar, this time dedicated to the results I gathered during the various interviews I did and still do. Just recently, I interviewed our CIO and he gave also great tips. They went straight into the live seminar.

The title of the seminar: “No1 advices”. It contains 20 quotes or snippets out of the interviews that provide great value to newcomers and job starters.

During the seminar, we agreed with all participants certain goals. Everyone chose at least one advice that he or she wants to put into practice within the next 4 weeks. I’ll go and ask everyone about the results. Let’s see what happened.

March 2017

More demand for live seminars, though the number of participants decreased slightly. 🙁 Guess I have to work on my entertainment qualities. As Tony Robbins says: People don’t want to be educated. They want to be entertained.” And if they learn something next to the entertainment, even better.

Still, people give great feedback about the content I share and about the content in my blog. I’ll continue. 🙂

February 2017

Next live seminar done, great success again, number of participants increased again, great feeling! 🙂

December 2016

A great year ends. Blog created and content added. Two live seminars were done. Had allot of fun with the people. They are so grateful about what I share with them. It’s really great to serve them and to pass on my experience and the things I learn to them!

Next year I plan to increase the number of live seminars and to fill my blog on a more regular base.

November 2016

Didn’t do too much on the blog, really had no time for it, work and family had priority.

BUT, I had the chance to organize another live seminar like in April 2016. This time I focussed more on the interview results from May – July 2016. So, more focussed on Personal Development and Leadership.

Always encouraged the participants of the seminars to read my blog and to give feedback if the content is relevant and useful for them.

May – July 2016

Published many articles on my blog following Vlad’s method below. Still a great way of working.

Many little successes. I had the chance to do many interviews with successful managers in my company. They shared great insights about their way of working and what made them so successful. I collected all the answers and they will definitively go into my next live seminar. I also create a dedicated post about them – Top 10 tips from successful leaders.

May 2016

Read many articles on about how to write successful blog posts, what to pay attention to and, the article that still sticks in my head, how to create a great blog post in 3 days. A great method that really works! I do every long blog post with this method. Thank you, Vlad, for all this great advice you provide!

April 2016

Blog created! Yes! Finally after endless hours of CMS & theme selection, trials and adaptation, plugin Tests and tryouts…

But now it’s done! 🙂 And it’s great to see the result!

Another great success was my first live seminar about project management and leadership in front of job starters and students. Feedback was great and encouraged my to continue with these live seminars.

March 2016

Webspace registered, domain registered, all done with hosteurope.