3 easy rules for smart and effective presentations

Do you know this kind of presentations:

Where you really cannot read anything because it’s so much text and way too small?

Where you fall asleep or lose concentration because it’s so boring or wired?

Where you feel like the presenter is reading a book out loud?

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Successful milestone meetings

One main reason why Milestone meetings (and other decision meetings) take longer than planned or even fail is from my experience that they become working meetings to explain the Steering Committee / Decision makers the complete project.

With this they are no longer pure decision meetings. Read below how to solve this in your first decision making meeting. Continue reading “Successful milestone meetings”

Pilot & Publish – How to launch complex operations successfully

Some time ago I had to introduce a complex new solution to allot of people. This new solution changed their way of working in many ways. When it comes to this kind of changes it’s never easy because people need to change behavior. Continue reading “Pilot & Publish – How to launch complex operations successfully”

From paper to reality

During a strategy discussion of our department we were all placing our wishes for nice interesting projects and for more resources. The discussion drifted away a bit in the direction of everybody-gets-what-wants, until my boss said: “Guys, I see the points in your requests, most of them also fit into the strategy, but: to make it happen from paper to reality, we need budget. That what’s it all about.” Continue reading “From paper to reality”