Successful milestone meetings

One main reason why Milestone meetings (and other decision meetings) take longer than planned or even fail is from my experience that they become working meetings to explain the Steering Committee / Decision makers the complete project.

With this they are no longer pure decision meetings. Read below how to solve this in your first decision making meeting. Continue reading “Successful milestone meetings”

Prepare decision proposals – How to prepare fast decision making

Imagine the situation, which I have had quite often today and in the past, you sit in a meeting and need a decision about a topic from the people around the table.
But they are stuck in an endless detailed discussion. All you wanted to do is to put together three slides on a specific topic. But at the beamer you are still at the first slide and it is still empty. Only the first three words of your first sentence are visible with the pointer blinking… Continue reading “Prepare decision proposals – How to prepare fast decision making”