My 9 take aways from the book Work Rules from Laszlo Bock

Part of my new morning routine is to read. In fact it was one of the main reasons to establish it in a new way for me 3 months ago.

It created the first results already. One of them is that I finished the book “Work Rules” from Laszlo Bock. And here you can find my 9 take aways that you can use when you are new in a management role or for your personal development.

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3 Advices From Steve Jobs

Some time ago I found a great video on You Tube with 3 great inspiring advices from Steve Jobs. The video shows Steve Jobs holding a speech at Stanford University, in front of a graduate class. It is only 15 minutes long.

It gave me some very interesting thoughts. I noted them down for me and would like to share them with you.

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The Monkeys On Your Back

If you are in your first leadership role you will be confronted with the situation that your team needs information and decision from you. That’s normal life of a leader.

But, these things will cost you a lot of time.

These things will get so many that you are not able to do the things you actually need to do as a leader.

This post describes how you can manage.

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10 Tips From Successful Leaders To Newcomers

Today I’m gonna present you the 10 tips from successful leaders to newcomers.

I am a Mentor for dual students (special education program in Germany). Recently, I interviewed a couple of Senior Managers. Every one of them leads big departments. They all started from where you are today, as a newcomer.

I asked them: „What is your No. 1 advice to my mentees for personal and professional success?”

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