Today I’m gonna present you the 10 tips from successful leaders to newcomers.

I am a Mentor for dual students (special education program in Germany). Recently, I interviewed a couple of Senior Managers. Every one of them leads big departments. They all started from where you are today, as a newcomer.

I asked them: „What is your No. 1 advice to my mentees for personal and professional success?”

I structured the outcome and created a Top 10 list for success for you. I added some of the statements to the list.

Most of the tips I follow already – which gave me confidence, that I’m on the right path :-). If you follow these tips as well, I’m sure, you will make career and you will be personally successful.

10 Tips From Successful Leaders To Newcomers

1. Network

  • Meet people & stay in touch
  • You grow through your relationships to others
  • Create a network where you can share honest thoughts

2. Deliver

  • When you promise something, deliver it on time
  • This shows reliability
  • It builds confidence and trust in you (I delegate to him and I know he will do it)
  • Also, promotion comes if you deliver

3. Stabilize

  • Many (young) people change jobs to fast one of the managers said
  • Take your time
  • Take your time to develop and deliver your “baby” (a project, solution etc. that you stand behind, that you are really committed to)
  • Think about: For what you want to be remembered for?
  • Think about: what did I leave / create in all my jobs?

4. Produce Value

  • Do something where you, you personally, have the feeling to create value
  • Then you do it with enthusiasm

5. Go the extra mile

  • Don’t stand in the corner shy and do only what you are asked for, do more

6. Don’t go against your values

  • Define your values for you
  • Stick to them
  • Do this from the start
  • Don’t get into the rat race (if you do, it will be very difficult)

7. Understand the end-to-end process

  • When you are new somewhere understand the end-to-end process of what your company and your department are doing
  • Gives you the background knowledge you need to understand why people think and argument as they do

8. Listen

  • Listen to people, to what they say and to what they do not say
  • Read the unspoken
  • When you listen you learn

9. Travel

  • Take the opportunity to travel the sites of your company
  • Travel the world
  • To learn about the different cultures and values of the people
  • You can influence them better afterward

10. Move

  • Standing still is not an option
  • Constantly take new challenges and opportunities, deliver, and take the next one
  • This is what they all recommended to me. The top 3 were similar from everyone. The rest differed a bit.

I put this list together as an orientation. Personally, I use it to create my goals. I regularly ask myself: Do I follow these advises? Which one not? How can I improve

For me, Richard Branson has also a great list of tips for success which I like very much.

While writing this article I found this interesting list from

Last but not least I found a nice collection of Bill Gates tips for success on the internet.

Please feel free to use this list as a reference or let me know your experience. Did you ask your managers already what they recommend to you as a newcomer?

What do they recommend to you to become personal and professionally successful? Every manager I know is open to this question. It is also a good chance to get in touch and extend your network.

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