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Glad to have you here reading my blog “New At Work”! Thank you!

Peter, founder of the Blog "New At Work"

My name is Peter. I’m 31, I live in Germany and have a standard 40h office job. It’s absolutely exciting as I work for a corporation that transforms itself from a standard industrial corporation into an innovative, agile and digital company.

Even more exciting is that I’m part of different career development programs and identified as one of the top talents of the company.

Through my working experience so far, the talent programs and discussion with successful leaders, I gained allot of experience that I would like to share with you.

And I’m still learning new things every day.

My aim was always to share my knowledge with newcomers, in every stage of my life. During my studies I started mentoring. I thought

Why does every body that is new somewhere needs to make the same time-consuming and sometimes frustrating experiences like the newcomers before?

Everybody would develop so much faster if he or she could rely on an existing people network and the network’s experiences.

I wanted to change that and offered myself as mentor to newcomers in order to show them around and make their start easier. I’m convinced that this takes away the “unknown” and gives people a confident start into the new part of their life.

During my studies I went abroad. There I did the same. I connected people that where new in town by establishing a community that everybody could join who was looking for local information, events etc.

During my professional life I became Mentor for people that were new at work. I gave classes in various topics.
In my current company I’m Mentor again, embedded in a companywide mentoring program and network. I’m taking care of newcomers that collect their very first professional experience. I share my knowledge with them; give seminars on Project Management, Leadership and Personal Development. Everything I learned so far I put into these classes.

It is hands-on knowledge that they can apply in their daily life.

With this site, I would like to share my experience, thoughts, insights, recommendations and knowledge also with you. I’m happy when I can help you have an easier start.

Sharing knowledge is important for me. Knowong that somebody else succeeded with the help of my experience is really a great thing for me. I really hope you can take as much added value from this site as possible.
I’m convinced that it will make your start into your professional career easier.

I hope you enjoy what you find here and that it makes your life easier when you are “New at work”.

Again, thank you for being here!

Take care, enjoy and reach out to me if you like.