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"Everyday you are presented with two choices:
Evolve or Repeat"



Who do you want to be in your job and your life?

Be - Do - Have. We need to know who we want to be in order to get where we want to go.


What's your energy level and your well-being right now?

Energy is part of life. Learn to generate and manage your energy.




Do you get done what you want in your days?

Sometimes things just need to get done. Learn how to be more productive. Intuitively. Naturally.



Do you want to earn more and have more?

Everyone needs some money. Learn how to attract more into your life. And to keep it.

This is me

Do you want help in your evolution?

I found my way. I gained clarity about what I want (and don't want). I know how to manage my energy to be ready when I need to and I know how to manage my money so that it grows in a sustinable way.

I also know how it feels to be lost. To have no clarity, no energy and lagging money. To solve that I went to discover myself more, to understand my needs, wants, the way I think and work best.

This gave me the opportunity to find a job that I love, to enter work with energy and be productive. The money I earn increases by smart investment.

I learned from different coaches, in various programs over time. I learned dedicated High Performance Habits, Personal Goal setting, energy managament, professional investing. I even opened myself up to the more spiritual side of life - which turned around the way I think and work fundamentally. Mindfulness is an integral part of my life as is mentoring and coaching.

In the past 15+ years I've worked in world-leading corporate, mid-size and start-up companies, for various management levels.

Join the Inner Circle Program where I share what I do to get more love, more health, more money and more ease and flow into my life.

The Inner Circle Program is a 1:1 mentoring program for 6 weeks, where we analyse your career situation, where we discover the painpoints and your needs in the field of Clarity, Energy and Money.
Based on that I will mentor you to improve these areas of your life based on a defined curriculum. This curriculum contains ways of thinking, strategies and tools that have helped me to achieve the above.

Would you like to join?

Be yourself

Take Care of your career and life

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