Life Goal Achievement Rituals

That’s the hard part.

That’s where most people struggle.

The one and only way to achieve something is to constantly focus on it. The only way to get your actions done and achieve your goals is to constantly pursue them.

The best way to do that is to create your own rituals.

With rituals, you implement your road to success into your daily life.

It can be the work out every morning right after getting up, that brings you closer to your Body goals.

It can be the weekly review of you stock account that helps you to achieve one of your Money goals.

It is the monthly review of all your goals and actions that enable you to actually achieve them.

Some examples of my rituals:
Work out every evening to get closer to my Body goals.
Review all my goals every 1st of the month. Adjust and fine tune if necessary.
Celebrate the little successes along the way.
Review my Money situation every 2nd of the month.

Create proper rituals for you now. Write them down. I summarized all rituals on one page.

Minimum ritual should be a monthly review of your goals / TO-BEs. This way you constantly remind yourself of the things you want to achieve.

That is it.

Start today! 🙂

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