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Learn how to visualize. 

In this book “The Effective Manifestor: A step-by-step guide to easily learn manifesting your dreams through visualization.”,  you find my way from hospital to world trip in three months (true story, more in the book). I credit this success to effective visualization. Based on my personal experience I gathered the techniques I used and created this practical guide, so that it may help you as well to increase your health, wealth, overall well-being and to manifest what you truly want in your life.

I like it practical, so in this book I don’t spent too much time on explanations but rather focus directly on the very practical steps. Those steps are designed to teach you the fundamentals and more advanced techniques that help you to effectively visualize what you want. I provide a wealth of strategies and tools, including meditations, mental imagery practices, emotional connection exercises, a complete step-by-step visualization guide and an integrated visualization process. All underlined with real-life examples.

Whether you’re seeking inspiration for personal growth, aiming for specific goals (financial, creative, health, career, relationship), or simply looking to enhance your manifestation skills, I wrote this book as your complete go-to guide.

  • Everything you need to know from learning to set your intentions to train your focus, concentration and imagination
  • A guide on how to build the habit of visualization in your busy daily life
  • A guide on how to measure your visualization success
  • Visualization meditations
  • Mental imagery practices,
  • Emotional connection exercises
  • A complete step-by-step visualization guide
  • My integrated visualization process
  • Real-life examples.

It is the perfect introduction and tutorial for visualization beginners and a great compendium of exercises and practicies for more experienced practitioners.

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