You are supposed to work on a new topic. But the topic seems way to big with way too much actions to be done. When this happens to me I always try to: Cluster & PrioritizeClustering
1. Divide the actions that are as big as a mountain into cluster (also name it “Cluster”, sounds good)
By Organization – cluster by the different organizations you have to work together close an action
By Type of Deliverable – define deliverables and link the necessary actions to this deliverable
By Process – assuming you use a project management process to run your project, take the phases as main cluster and link the actions to every phase cluster (e.g. monitoring project)
By Customer – identify your customers and group all actions that belong to one customer, do so with the rest
2. Build up list of actions per cluster by priority

By customer decision
By common sense
By management “order“
By risks
Treat first what can cause the biggest risk to you, your project, team, organization etc.

You have an indiviual situation and want to know how to apply the concept above to it?
You have your own experience?
You miss something in the text?

Please let me know in the comments below. I’m happy to get back to you.

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